Q - How does it work?
A - Our Process page maps out the steps involved in buying and selling.

Q - How long does it take to get my vehicle?
A - Once you have wired your payment you should expect to see your vehicle in 6 - 12 weeks. If you require faster shipping it can be arranged. Please contact us to find out all your options.

Q - What are the associated costs involved in purchasing a vehicle?
A - The associated costs are outlined here.

Q - Do you only ship between Australia and North America?
A - The Australian and North American markets are our largest however we can also assist in shipping to other countries around the world.

Q - How am I protected?
A - We have an extremely good packing/shipping record however for your protection optional Marine insurance is offered for loss and damage to vehicles.

Q - Can you do the registration and compliance for the buyer of my car?
A - It is the buyer's responsibility to research the laws for registration and compliance of their vehicle. Each state has its own laws. We get the car safely to Australia - the rest is up to them.

Q - Can you ship my Motorbike?
A - Yes and shipping/transportation will be greatly reduced.

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