We move vehicles from country to country. Here is an outline of the process.
  • Complete our booking form so we can supply you with an up-to-date shipping quote.

  • Confirm that the details on the quote are correct and the price is acceptable.

  • Send payment via your preferred method.

  • Once payment is confirmed we will arrange to collect the vehicle.

  • Vehicle will be transported to our packing facilities and be cleaned and prepared for shipping in the next container.

  • We will arrange for the container to clear Customs and be inspected. Depending on the country your vehicle is landing in some or all of the charges will be covered under the "shipping" cost. You will be informed as to what is covered and what is not up front.

  • After the vehicle is cleared and unpacked we will arrange for it to be shipped or collected from our facilities. We will also supply all the correct paperwork for you to arrange for title and registration of the vehicle.

  • You will be notified along the way as each step happens.

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