"We always wanted this Falcon, but the difficulties involved with importing a car, going through customs, etc. and shipping it cross country seemed insurmountable. But some friendly communication with Aussie Car Imports and a few months later our dreamcar is in our garage!"
Rebecca, TX USA

"I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the car -- it was definitely worth the wait."
Roger, CA USA

“They made my dream come true. There were a thousand details involved in bringing the Interceptor to Texas from Australia, and they handled every one of them.”
Jake, TX USA

"My 1966 Mustang arrived in excellent shape with all the required paperwork - I saved thousands!"
Jason. Brisbane, Australia

"The car is fantastic! We get questions and comments about it wherever we go."
Mary. New Mexico, USA

"A '66 Impala Coupe was always a dream for me. Thanks for making it happen guys."
Mark. Queensland, Australia

"Awesome, highly recommend doing business with. Very trust-worthy"
Dan. Washington, USA

"This car is more than great fun, it's a kick in the pants!"
Julian. British Columbia, Canada

"Arrived as expected. Better than what I could have hoped for."
Glen. Victoria, Australia

"It was cheaper than I expected it to be and the car arrived in a timely manner in the same condition it left in."
William. Oregon, USA

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